Pride of the South




Forward Rebels, march to fame, Hit that line and win this game, We know that you’ll fight it through, For your colors Red and Blue — Fight, Fight, Fight.

Rebels you’re the Southland’s pride, Take that ball and hit your stride, Don’t stop ’till the victory’s won, For your Ole Miss. Fight, fight for your Ole Miss.


Way down south in Mississippi, There’s a spot that ever calls
Where among the hills enfolded. Stand Old Alma Mater’s Halls.
Where the trees lift high their branches, To the whisp’ring southern breeze.
There is Ole Miss calling, calling, To our hearts fond memories.
With united hearts we praise thee, All our loyalty is thine,
And we hail thee, Alma Mater, may thy light forever shine;
May it brighter grow and brighter, And with deep affection true,
Our thoughts shall ever cluster ’round thee, Dear Old Red and Blue.
My thy fame throughout the nation, Through thy sons and daughters grow,
May thy name forever waken, In our hearts a tender glow,
May thy counsel and thy spirit, Ever keep us one in this,
That our own shall be thine honor, Now and ever dear Ole Miss.