Approved Tailgating Vendors

Ole Miss has created an “Approved Tailgating Vendor” program to improve the overall experience of tailgating for all fans on the most beautiful campus in the country.

Code of Conduct for Approved Tailgate Vendors
  • Registration with University (Company name, contact information, etc.)
  • Agree to manage expectations of customers with regard to desired tent location and never guarantee or promise a particular location.
  • Agree to not advertise in opponent media markets and/or channels.
  • Ensure ALL persons working in ANY capacity for company are wearing official orange vest at all times.
  • Share data, maps and access tailgating information for collaboration and research.
  • Clean customer tailgate areas by placing all trash and recyclables next to the nearest trash can or recycling container
  • Agree to follow all tailgating rules on behalf of company’s customers.
Becoming an Approved Tailgating Vendor provides multiple benefits:
  • For Tier 2 vendors and above, Friday access to storage/ops tents in predetermined locations in the Grove and Circle.  Tier 2 and above Approved Tailgating Vendors can unload their customers’ tents under these storage tents from 5:30pm-7pm on Fridays.
  • Access to Vendor Vehicle Passes
  • Inclusion on the list of Approved Tailgating Vendors below.

If you’d like more information on becoming an approved vendor, please click here.

2017 Approved Tailgating Vendors (Alphabetical Listing)

Company Name Email Website Average Number of Tents Set Up
Anderson Tailgating 30
Arbuckle Tailgating 25
B3 Tent Company 25
Brown Tailgating 50
Bynum Tent Service 25
C, D & R 12
Circle Boss 70
Dickey Tent Co. 60
Elite Tailgate Company 30
Get Your Grove On Tailgating; 40
Go Get It Tailgate Delivery 20
Grove Master;; 225
Grove Sharks Tailgating 40
Grove Tailgating Services 40
Hotty Toddy Tailgating Services 25
Hotty Toddy Tents 40
J&J Tailgating 45
Kudzu Tailgaiting 12
Kyser Turner 15
Landshark Tailgating 12
Loyal Rebs Tailgating, LLC 60
Magnolia Rental and Sales 30
McCormick Tents 25
Rebel Tailgate 85
Running Rebel Tent Services 12
S&S Tailgating 15
SevenSouth Tailgating, LLC 425
SH Enterprises 15
Southern Grounds Management 30
Southern Setup 305
Southern Tradition Tailgating 305
Steven Barbieri 45
Tailgate Group 105
Take It To The Grove Tailgating 185
The Tent Group 55
Varsity Sports Tailgating, LLC 50
Vintage Tailgating 30
Whitfield Tent Service 14
Xtreme Tents 30