Kid Captain

Kid Captain is a partnership between Children’s of Mississippi and the Ole Miss Rebels to honor pediatric patients. Their inspirational stories remind us just how truly courageous these young people are. We are pleased to introduce this week’s Children’s of Mississippi Kid Captain Emmy Ott of McComb.

At only ten years old, Emmy has already overcome some pretty big challenges. As an infant, Emmy’s parents noticed she was having delays in meeting her early milestones like rolling over and sitting up. Her parents knew something wasn’t right and brought Emmy to a neurologist at Children’s of Mississippi for additional testing. An MRI revealed that Emmy had suffered a stroke while in-utero. As a result of the stroke, Emmy was experiencing muscle weakness on her left side. She began doing occupational and physical therapy to help build up her strength.
It wasn’t until she was in kindergarten that Emmy began having seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy. With the help of seizure medication, her seizures are now under control. Emmy sees several specialists at Children’s of Mississippi including pediatric neurologists, an orthopaedist, and a cardiologist.

Emmy is in the fourth grade and is an awesome reader! She loves to sing and participates in show choir at her school. She enjoys watching sports and hopes to be a sports journalist when she grows up.

Have a great time cheering on the Rebels, Emmy!